DecoSHADE One Way Vision Architectural Decorative Glass

DecoSHADETM is unique one-way vision decorative glass or window film that presents an opaque surface or graphic image on one side and just a tint on the opposite side.  Solar control, one-way vision graphics, privacy, and security features make it a functional option for facades, doors, windows, canopies, and other external glass applications.  With the correct lighting conditions, DecoSHADE can also add privacy and decorative features to internal glass applications.


  • Solar Control - DecoSHADE reduces solar heat gain, decreasing air conditioning loads, and can be laminated with solar control glass or used with low-emissivity coatings to further improve solar control.  From the interior, glare and dark and light contrasts are reduced, making daylit conditions more comfortable - without disturbing occupants' view of the outdoors


Gold metallic DecoSHADE provides vertical design highlights to 50 UN Plaza, New York City, while preserving the occupants' view of the outdoors.
  • Decorative - Color, logos, images, text, designs, or graphics can be printed on DecoSHADE to add unique character and beauty to any project, without being seen from the inside.  Metallic colors are available.


  • Privacy - The view into an area is obscured when looking at the colored or graphic side of DecoSHADE, but building occupants looking through the tinted side have a clear view of the outdoors with no distracting pattern.


  • Security - The printed film interlayer used in DecoSHADE adds 30,000 psi of tensile strength to the already superior penetration resistance of laminated glass, making it an excellent choice when deterring forced entry is a priority.  With the correct specifications, DecoSHADE can protect building interiors from winds and rain associated with hurricanes.



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View from back side of DecoSHADE one-way vision door into lobby, looking at front side of second one-way vision door.  Both doors are digitally printed with historical maps.  Virginia Tech Research Center, Arlington, Virginia




Phrases from the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on DecoSHADE one-way vision glass curtain wall.  Inset shows view from inside looking out.  S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


·         Used in a curtain wall, the building displays a decorative element on the exterior, while the occupant inside has a clear view of the outdoors with no distracting pattern.

·        As an interior wall, it provides a feeling of privacy where visibility into a space is necessary – a medical facility or classroom, for example.

·        Shoppers inside a store see only a tinted window while passers-by view a logo, decorative design, or signage.



DecoSHADE is not perforated film. Our graphic image is much finer, greatly improving the appearance of the image as well as the clarity from the tinted side. With the decorative element inside of the glass, there are no surface irregularities to capture dirt or impede thorough cleaning. Because our window film is a continuous film with no holes, it does not collect dirt or water, which can be problematic with perforated film.


DecoSHADETM is manufactured and sold under license, Contra Vision XRTM US B1 4,925,705, US 6,267,052, or PCT/IB03/00555